Eight buildings along Bob and Luge track for 2006 Olympics in Turin, Italy. As an acknowledgment to earlier successful collaboration and our knowledge of Italian, Plannungsburo Deyle from Stuttgart has entrusted us development of construction documents for the eight buildings along the bob and luge track for winter Olympics in Turin 2006. The buildings are; starting house complex, bobsleigh and men’s luge starting lines, women’s luge starting line; a building for the junior starting line; the arrival building including the race management and medical services; the weighing building; the technical services complex with the refrigeration facility; staff buil­ding; the push start training building containing practice sections of runs that simulate the three diffe­rent starting lines. On a very limited time schedule and only on the basis of the conceptual design, with a series of changes in the course of project development, we have successfully completed and delivered a complete bilingual (Italian / English) executive and detailed architectural drawings.


floorplan start

elevation start

elevation arrival