Competition for the Architectural and urban design  for the construction of commercial building in Vrbani in Zagreb. Dajana, location and rewards were too compelling to miss participating in this contest. In the beginning, our hopes were low but as the project progressed so grew up our expectations. At the end, we dropped out in the final round.

According to the words of the jury we designed a building which “meandered fractures and volume ruptures relax the massive building and opens its dialogue with the outside world in multiple axes. Incursions, holes and terraces make this dialogue ambiguous. Meanders, terraces and atrium’s that pull air, light and greenery into the depths of space, all this makes the building interesting , special, opens up even more possibilities and flexibility of the zoning plan, but design is constantly on the verge of balancing between enough and too much.  More with the choice of different materials than in the geometry itself.” Several of our colleagues projects were better than the first prize winner, but that’s just our opinion.