Family house in Samobor

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Modern family house in Samobor, located on the slopes of the Samobor mountains. The parcel has a splendid view of the town of Samobor and Zagreb.  The architect has designed a house respecting the slope of the parcel, by superimposing rectangular shapes into an interconnected ground plan. All rooms are located on the east where the volume of the house is strongly indented. Individuality of different spaces was highlighted by their vertical and horizontal transposition that created harmonious interrelation. Usage of the facing bricks on the facade highlights the house in its natural environment. White horizontal cubes emphasize the outer spaces in a contrast to the facing bricks. The desire to inherit the traditional intimate setting is reflecting in integration into the nature and skillful hiding of the actual size of the house, while still meeting the requirements of the new urban and cozy life.


floor plan


detailed elavations

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